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3D Rendering

Our 3D rendering projects have spanned various industries: real estate, furniture, medical, automotive and other products. 3D rendering is our original core specialty, we have worked on resorts, commercial buildings, master plans, and residential projects.

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Virtual Tours

3D animation is a way of exploring and realizing a creative idea into a visual and immersive experience with the ability to generate emotions and a sense of discovery. View our 3D Animation Demo Reel or Contact us for more information.


Our 3D rendering projects have spanned various industries: real estate, furniture, medical, automotive and other products. 3D rendering is our original core specialty, we have worked on resorts, commercial buildings, master plans, and residential projects.


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Commercial Projects


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Why Your Vision Renderings?

We are a specialized CG Artist, 3D modeler, and high Tech problem solver studio. We love what we do. We think you will too.

YVR is an Architectural and 3D Animation firm based in Lacey Washington. In business since 2015, we work with a wide range of Builders, Real estate developers, Creative agencies, Architects, and Product developers. From Renderings to Animations/Virtual tours, 3D models, 360 Panoramic and 3D Floor plans, we can create a wide range of beautiful marketing material to support and sell your next project.

Our extensive background and hands on experience and education in the construction and architecture industry. 

Customer service. We aren’t focused on to get one job, we are looking to
form relationships and build happy legacy clients.

Virtual Tours- The Ultimate Visualization.

Fly around or walk through your masterpiece virtually. Make an imaginary project real.


3D Floor Plan with extruded walls. Customized finishes. The clearest way to illustrate the size, design and functions of interior spacing.


Extend your view from the ground to the sky. Great helpful when attempting to explain projects covering large areas of territory


Single family homes, communities, shopping centers, office complexes, or high rise projects.


Ideal for brochures and flyers. Attractive and colorful furnished floor plans.


Improving pre-sale projects, real estate, pool projects, kitchen, bath remodels and more.


Residential, Commercial or Industrial. Clearly visualize your designs and share your vision with the client.

Common Questions

  1. We can start today. We just need your approval of our quote, your plans and receipt of payment.
  2. DOCUMENTS: All we need is a Floor plan(s), Elevation(s) and Material Schedule. Show us your desired view(s) by marking the plan view with an X (standing point) and draw an arrow from X pointing towards the desired view of your project. 
  3. FILE TYPES We can work with multiple file types: .CAD, .DWG, .RVT (Revit), .SKP (Sketchup), .DAE, .FBX, .3DS, .PDF & .JPG’s. We can even work from your conceptual sketches.
  4. Other useful documents include Landscape plans, surveys, site plans and material schedules.

At Your Vision Renderings, we absolutely love what we do! We believe you have to know how a building goes together in order to create a beautiful accurate 3D model of the building. 

We have years of hands on construction experience building everything level of home starting at the basic speculative level housing, to high end multi-million dollar custom estates. 

We have been formally trained in Architecture and have earned accredited Architectural Degrees Associates of Technology –Architectural Engineering   Bates College Washington USA 

Bachelors of Science –Architecture   Washington State University

Former (7 year) Project Manager in Architectural Metals group specializing in constructing High Rise buildings, Civic centers, Art Museums, Stadium expansions, Schools, Hospitals, Microsoft Campus Buildings and many other exciting projects.  

Why does this matter? We believe to create a beautiful & accurate 3D model, and then generate the respective 3D Renderings, 3D Virtual tours or 360 degree Panoramas, you need to know how buildings are built.

There are many industries that benefit from utilizing 3D renderings and Virtual Tours of their products. The ability to show/communicate the end product before its constructed has proven very valuable in the Real Estate Developers/Agent pre-sale market. Building contractors of all trades (New Construction, Custom Homes, Additions/Remodels, Kitchen & Bath contractors (New & Remodel) also greatly benefit from utilizing 3D renderings and the ability to beautifully show their prospective client(s) how their finished product will look and feel before construction begins. 3D renderings are a great tool to analyze design in a virtual state and allow for design revisions before anything is constructed, saving a lot of time and money. Renderings give everyone on the team, as well as the end user a high level of confidence and commitment to the project. Other Architects, Designers & Engineers also utilize 3D renderings to show clients their design work at various stages, and in a realistic manner before the Construction Drawings are completed/finalized and construction begins.

Yes. We want you to be 100% satisfied and become a long term client. We not only want to satisfy our client’s needs, we also strive to WOW our clients and ensure that they are 100% satisfied with their product, proud to show it off to their respective clients and choose to work with Your Vision Renderings for all their future rendering needs. 

We also want the client to be satisfied with the process as well, and we strive to make the process easy and efficient for all parties.

Material revisions and camera angle revisions are included in the cost of your rendering. We strive to make each project PERFECT on the first proof. Upon your review of the first rendering proof, you will be able to comment on anything you would like us to address etc…and we will happily implement your feedback. We find that there is rarely the need for additional revisions after the initial client review/feedback of the first proof. If there additional revisions wanted/needed, we will implement them to ensure your total satisfaction.  If the Floor Plans/Elevations of the Building/Space changes after the initial renderings have been created, we can easily and very inexpensively implement those design changes and provide you with that updated rendering.

Yes, we can help you with Large Format sizing, please let us know what size you need.   

Your Vision Renderings are typically generated at either 1280p x 720p , 1920p x 1080p , 3840p x 2160p or 7680p x 4320p  

How It Works

Needed Inputs

We can start with elevations, material references and floor plans. AutoCAD (.DWG) format CADs are preferred, but we can work also from hand-drawn sketches and rasterized drawings including .jpg, .pdf, etc. 3D models created in SketchUp and Revit are even cheaper to start from.

View Angles

View angles are the position and direction of the cameras. They are very important because we only build the spacing that can be captured in the view to save you time and budget. View angles can be marked as an arrow on the site plan or floor plan.

Proof Renderings

You will receive proof renderings once we have completed the initial model before the final rendering. Free minor revisions can be made and then updated proofs will be sent back for your further approval. The final rendering will be proceeded after your OK with the modified proof.


The best way to send revisions is with markups written directly on an image of the proofs with a red pen and an itemized list to the side. PDFs are great!

Finishes & Colors

Materials can be detailed on the elevations, material boards or a list of products. Reference images will be greatly helpful for us to match the exact texture & color selected. 

For example for an exterior house rendering:
Trim: Benjamin Moore-Overcoat CC-544
Stucco: Benjamin Moore-Silver Chain- 1472
Window Sash & Mullions: Benjamin Moore-Silver Satin- OC-26

An interior material board is great helpful for us to understand the design.

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Jane Doe

Commercial Builder

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John Doe

Residential Developer

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Feel free to reach out and let us know about your project! We love to help!

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Please supply any files you have that best describe your project. Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections as well any material references (Materials/Finishes, Paint Colors etc…) We can work with multiple file types, or even hand drawn sketches that will best describe your project.

Please brief us on what you want to show in 3-d. Simply placing an X with an arrow pointing in the direction of view on the plan view is a great way to communicate your desired view. 

NOTE: 50% retainer down is required to start your project, and the other 50% is due when you are 100% satisfied.